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About Guernsey

The beautiful island of Guernsey in the picturesque Channel Island.

Once you’ve been to Guernsey, you’ll want to return and experience the island’s special charm, again and again.

Situation of Guernsey

Guernsey, a British Crown Dependency, is the second largest of the Channel Islands.

The island is situated 30 miles north west of France and 80 miles south of England in the Gulf of St Malo.

A Natural Island

Guernsey is a rich mixture of its heritage, combining the cosy feel of a Norman village with the hospitality and warmth of the British.

Beautiful weather

Guernsey’s climate is temperate – with the hottest months in August and September (with the temperature averaging 26 degrees Celsius). Find out more islands by visitingĀ

Where to stay

Find out more about accommodation in Guernsey and its neighbouring islands,

Things to see

Find out about upcoming events, guided walks, day trips to the surrounding islands and France.

Shopping in Guernsey

High Street, boutique and tax-free shopping and fantastic restaurants…

The harbour

Information for all users of the harbour, from ferry passengers to marina facilities details.