Channel Islands, a journey between two worlds

Before you leave

Welcome to an archipelago where culture does not follow geography. Very close to France, these Cotentin crumbs speak English and eat island food: fish and shellfish caught off the coast, thin-skinned potatoes, Jersey Royals, which were "invented" on the spot, butter, milk and cream of yellow colour, strawberries and tomatoes grown under glass. Go there in the fall for Tennerfest, restaurants will give you prices!


Since 2005, smoking has been banned in all restaurants on the Channel Islands. Advertisements, which serve food, also fall into this category. You should also know that more and more hotels have all their non-smoking rooms. In general, a smoking area is provided in one of the hotel bars. It is still allowed to smoke outdoors: therefore, the rare terraces of bars and restaurants are smoking areas. The summer period is very touristy and the prices of accommodation and restaurants are affected. It is therefore better to come in spring or during the summer season, which still enjoys a very pleasant climate. In addition, Jersey restaurants are celebrating from early October to mid-November. 40 establishments offer complete menus from £10, at lunchtime or in the evening depending on the address. To find out which restaurants are participating in the operation, If you decide to stay in Serq during the high tourist season, remember to book in advance as accommodation capacity is limited.

The most interesting

+The possibility to immerse yourself in British culture at one hour from the French coast. +The possibility to alternate cultural visits and swimming on two large and three smaller islands in less than a week.

The least common

-Between October and March, the archipelago lives in slow motion and is more difficult to access. -Lovers of cultural holidays will be disappointed by the lack of major sites.


Less than an hour from the French coast, this is the perfect place to take a "tea time" according to the rules. Here, even more than on the British continent, we know how to take our time and when you have finished enjoying the creamy muffins and mini-sandwiches served in the best porcelain, it will be almost time for an aperitif. Exactly, the pub on the sidewalk across the street is reaching out to you. The atmosphere is certainly less hushed than the cottage tea room, but let's bet that after one or two pints (0.55 l) of beer, you will be captivated by the conviviality of the place and the regulars.

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