5 ports to discover during a cruise in the British Isles

Aboard a cruise in the British Isles, discover the bustling cities of England, the green landscapes of Ireland and the fortresses and castles of Scotland. This incomparable destination offers a plethora of outdoor activities, a history lesson at every moment and unique regional traditions. Pay attention to the accents that vary from city to city, taste the culinary specialities specific to each region and meet exciting individuals throughout your trip. Each port has something unique and enchanting to offer, so what are you waiting for to cast off? Here are some of our favourite excursions.

Saint-Pierre-Port, Guernesey

Guernsey is a beautiful island with more than twenty absolutely beautiful beaches and bucolic landscapes that are waiting to be explored. Neither completely French nor completely English, the island has managed to keep the best of each country and cultivate its originality, which is reflected in its cuisine. Most islanders have adopted British customs and you can taste the traditional "cream tea", which consists of drinking tea by eating scones covered with jam and "clotted cream". Walk through the cobbled streets and stop at a local pub to chat with the local inhabitants. The most adventurous will not be disappointed thanks to the many perfect spots for hiking, surfing and sailing. Don't miss out on a visit to Hauteville House, which was Victor Hugo's home during his exile in Guernsey and the place where many masterpieces were written. If your budget is limited, use travel agencies to make your visit to Guernsey fun and hassle-free.

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